Korey Stephens
This place is absolutely great Indian food. Very spicy is SPICY! Tastes great. Great chana. Great dal. Great service.
It was pretty quiet when we got there but the food was sooo good. Like a home-cooked meal. Would love to go back again.
Tanya Streifel
Delicious Mango Curry Chicken and food all together. We ordered a Medium spice and couldn’t have been more satisfied.
Parag Gupta
The best place to eat “Butter Chicken” It’s real awesome!!! This is one of the few places that really knows how to cook authentic “New Delhi” aka north Indian style Butter Chicken. Also, 5 stars for the service too!
Baruch Tabanpour
This place is so delicious, authentic Indian food, as good as you'd find in NYC, maybe better.
A'isha Dancer
The best lamb Nepali curry I ever had! All the food is excellent and you can choose the level of spiciness.
Saurabh Goel
In the small vaccation hilly town lies a busy market place. This restaurant outside sitting is sufficient it give you illusion of Himalayan setup when food is served in traditional steel plates / Thali of childhood. Making you nostalgic about childhood memory if you had similar meal in Himalayas. Taste is a bit is what we call “Americanized” less spicy but flavorful.